Stunning Imperfection

Have you ever seen a sight so stunning that it takes your breath away? Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you think to yourself, “This is so perfect!”?

The other day I was at the beach with some of my best friends. We just returned from the grocery store where we purchased our Chicken Tender Subs and Cuban Sandwiches. As we walked out onto the beach, I quickly shuffled the sandwiches and souvenirs I purchased minutes before to find my camera. We picked a spot to settle and as soon as I had the chance, I dropped everything in my arms and ran towards the water. The sun was setting and we got there at just the right time. As I took similar pictures of the sunset I couldn’t stop but think of how stunning it was. The orange rays of the sun meeting the blue waves of the cold ocean waters was amazing. As the sun settled over the horizon, I walked back over to where we decided to sit down. As we devoured our sandwiches, we had great conversations. From talking about things that happened while enjoying the beach just hours before to talking about different scenarios and dreams we had for our futures, we enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed the conversations. As we watched the sunlight fade, a couple of questions popped into my mind. How crazy is it that the beauty of a beach sunset is imperfect creation? If what we see is imperfect creation, what will perfect creation look like? We all sat there for a moment before someone brought up another topic to discuss. It got me thinking, though. If everything we see and think is stunning is imperfect, what will perfection look like? I can’t help but try to imagine what perfect creation would look like. But the more I think about it, the more frustrated I become because I can’t imagine perfect creation.

God made so many beautiful things for us to enjoy here on earth. Because this world is a broken place, the things in this world are not perfect. Because we are broken people, the things we see are seen through the lenses of imperfection. The bright pink and orange skies, while beautiful, are seen through shattered eyes. The sound of the rushing waves is muffled by the earplugs in our ears. While our physical eyes and ears may not be actually shattered or have plugs in them, because of sin, we can’t see God’s creation the way that it was intended to be seen.

A brightly colored sunset at the beach is one of the most beautiful things we can see on this earth. If that’s imperfect, imagine the sights and sounds that will be perfect in Heaven. It’s hard to imagine anything more stunning than a sunset or something like the Northern Lights or the view from the top of a tall mountain. While we can’t really imagine it, we have something to look forward to when we pass on from this Earth. When us as followers of Jesus get to Heaven, we have nothing but perfection to look forward to. I believe that we will see sights, hear sounds, and smell smells that we can’t even imagine. We will finally be in a perfect place with God and that will be the most stunning thing we can ever experience.


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