Simply Complicated

I’ve noticed that many times when we are in tough situations, we somehow expect things to be simple. Like if you are driving (or if you’re driving with me) and we get lost, the solution should be as simple as pulling out a map or GPS and plugging in the destination or looking at the different paths on a map to direct you to where you need to go. While it can seem simple, there are complications that arise. There might not be any signal for the GPS to connect to, so while trying to find a signal, you go further in the wrong direction. While looking on a GPS for directions should be easy, it can be complicated.

Have you seen the Exxon Mobil commercial…the one about boiling an egg. Here is a link if you haven’t seen it or want to refresh your memory.

The idea behind it is that something as simple as boiling an egg isn’t as simple as we think. I love this commercial because it makes a statement about an ideal that people don’t often think about. We think that things are simple when they are actually quite complicated. This commercial demonstrates how much time and effort people put into making things easier for others. We don’t take the time to appreciate all of the time and effort that was spent to make our lives simpler. It makes me wonder; how often are things easy for me and I don’t even realize it?

While complexity can be frowned upon at times, I think it can be a very good thing. Without complex things, we couldn’t paint a wall or enjoy the rushing waters of a creek. You paint a wall with paint and paint is made of complex colors combinations and chemicals. Then you need the brushes that are made of different materials. You couldn’t enjoy cool waters of a creek if there was no source of that water or no ecosystem to maintain the condition of the water. If complicated can be good, why do we freak out when life gets complicated? Don’t we know that good things come from complexity?

Sometimes we expect simple things to be simple, but when they turn out to be complicated, we get frustrated and question what we’re doing and if we’re doing it right. We have proof that good things can come from complexity, but for some reason, when we think of complexities, we get a headache.

Why is it that we expect our relationship with God to be simple, too? Our relationship with God sounds simple, but it is far beyond that. It takes time everyday spent talking to God, reading the book that was inspired by Him and written for us, meditating on what that book says, and genuinely worshipping God with the things you do and say to build the relationship with Him.

Why do we expect life to be simple if it wasn’t created by a simple God?

God isn’t a simple being. He is far too complex for anyone to understand. That’s alright, though, because we weren’t meant to understand even the beginning of who He is.

We expect hard situations in life to be simple. But God is a very complicated being. We could get into a whole theological discussion about the complexities of God, but we wont for the sake of time. My point still stands, though. God is very complex, so when we try to simplify the things the He intentionally made complex, we lose the opportunity to learn some valuable lessons about ourselves, the people and things around us, and God himself. Complex things such as relationships and our purpose in life are things that we want simple solutions for, but we can’t get them because they are not simple concepts.

Overall, I think that complexities are great. We end up learning a lot through hard times and through complex situations. If you think about it, when was the last time you learned more about life through an easy situation rather than a hard one? I can’t think of one in my life. Everything is complicated at some point and to some extent. We all go through hard times in life and are surprised when things get tough. We try to figure out how we got to that point and try to figure out what went wrong.

The truth is that we live in a broken world, so things that we don’t expect to happen are going to happen. Because of free will, we go through complicated situations that don’t have simple solutions. God didn’t promise us easy situations or an easy life, but He promised to never leave us. I think that both of those things are equally as important to remember in complicated situations.


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