Two Of the Biggest Unknowns

One thing that a lot of people think about is their future and what they feel called to do in life. We try to plan our life based on what we think we are called to do. Often times, we stress out about our future because we aren’t sure what our calling is. We worry that we will fall short of what we are supposed to do because we aren’t exactly sure what we are supposed to do. I’m going to try to give a different perspective on what I think “finding your calling” means and how that translates into our lives.

Instead of our calling being something that we do, I think it is who we are meant to be. God may have seemingly meaningless or random things for us to do or experience, but these things are only going to make sense for the person He made you to be.

God’s calling isn’t to do something, but to be someone.

If we focus on our future and what we think we want to be, we might miss out on what is going on right now. God has plans for our present and our future. If we aren’t careful, the future that we always think we are going to have will sneak up on us and we might miss out on different life experiences. The future isn’t always about tomorrow or ten years from now because we aren’t even promised tomorrow. We need to live in the present and don’t waste the moments we are given. God has a purpose for each moment. Find that purpose and use it.

Sometimes things we do might seem pointless or unimportant, but they all have a part in our story. We are meant for more than dreaming of our future only to realize that the future is barely more than wishful thinking or dreaming. We don’t have full control of our future or what happens to us. While it is incredibly important to have goals and dreams, I think our future and our lives are more than the dreams and goals that we set for ourselves. I think our future is composed of every single thing we’ve ever done. Our goals and dreams are things that drive us and motivate us to be the kind of people we want to be. Instead of focusing all of our energy on the actual tasks that reaching those goals and dreams requires, we should focus on learning from the situations and people around us. We shouldn’t let those goals and dreams define us, but let them inspire us.

Our future is now. Every moment is the future we have been dreaming of.

Growing up I had many different goals and dreams. When I was 17, I had no clue what I wanted to do and I was so scared that I was not going to find what I thought God was calling me to do. Now, at 20, I’m a senior in college and will be graduating this coming May with a B.S. in Sport Management. I spent a lot of time in high school trying to figure out what major I thought God wanted me to study in college. I was so worried that I would miss any little clue that I thought He was sending me, that I’m sure I missed out on opportunities to learn be content with where I was at. I failed to put my calling and my future in God’s hands.

I’ve noticed that a lot of times we are always living for the betterment of our future when our future, as important as it is, is something that we can’t predict. My point is that we should go where God is telling us to go and do what He is telling us to do regardless if it’s in our plans or not.  Be where you are and be content and when God tells you to move, you obey Him. When we obey God, we fulfill our calling. We shouldn’t focus only on building a great future because we don’t have a lot of control over the future. God can call us to different places that we may not plan for so be bold and willing to go different places and do different, unexpected things. Things happen in our lives to allow us to grow as people. Take advantage of those things and chase your dreams. God gave them to you for a reason. Just don’t let those dreams define you.

Your calling isn’t to go somewhere or work somewhere…that’s just part of the journey. At the end of your life, if you have loved God and loved others in the way that God has made you to do so, I think you’ve obeyed and lived out your calling.


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  1. Hank · December 3, 2014

    Calling Ahead and Reservations: Letting God Take Control


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