What Does Goodbye Human Mean?

So what is the deal with the title Goodbye Human? It sounds kind of like I’m ready to kick everyone out of my life and go live with animals, but I assure you, this is not the case. Over the course of my short, 20 years of life, I’ve observed a lot of different people’s ways of life, how they think, how they conduct themselves, and what they deem is most important in their lives. Often times, people do what think society will accept or admire. This is why everyone strives to fit in. They want to be socially accepted by their peers and even people they don’t know. We are all guilty of doing things in order to be accepted by someone or a group of people. We often do this subconsciously.

What I want to accomplish in this blog is relatively simple, yet complex. I want to, in essence, say goodbye to what I know about the faulty side of the human race, while acknowledging that we all are faulty and make mistakes and that’s completely okay, and say hello to what God says should define human beings. People are made for more than just fitting in. If we were supposed to fit the norm, we all would be made the same. God has given us all different talents, likes, and dislikes in order that we all might be different and that we might glorify Him in different ways.

My goal for this blog is to not be demeaning in any way to anyone, but to allow myself and others grow as human beings in our spiritual lives, personal lives, and our perspectives about certain topics and situations. I believe that life is a never-ending journey of learning new things and experiencing new adventures and situations. All of these things combined will help us say goodbye to our selfish desires and say hello to the people who God has called to be.


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